Woodstacks Worldwide

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Call For Submissions

The Craft

How does a chore as mundane as stacking wood turn into an endeavor to craft a well-made object that is both beautiful and practical? Woodstack focuses on how transforming a pile of logs into a structure has bound cultures together across the globe.

Woodstacking Worldwide

For aeons, people have stacked wood around the world to heat homes, fire kilns, cook, build structures, grow mushrooms, and make charcoal, out of necessity and sometimes simply for the love of it.

Your Woodstack

We want to know how you stack wood. Where do you site your woodstack? How do you structure the pile? And what good practices do you follow? Tell us about your wood piles and share your photographs of your most interesting and beautiful stacks.

How To Be Included

If you would like to be considered for inclusion, please complete this online submission form. Images must be 300 dpi and a minimum of 7″ wide. The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2020. We will need to have both images and your completed survey in order to include your woodpile in the book. (The owner of any woodstack must be willing to be featured in the book, i.e. if you have taken photographs of someone else’s woodpile you’d like to submit, you will need to have their permission and contact information. Ideally the stack owner will have filled out the form!).


Deadline for submissions- March 15, 2019. Woodstack, a book about the craft of woodstacking around the world, is due out in the fall of 2020 from Princeton Architectural Press.
**If you would like to submit but will not be able to provide images until after this deadline (for instance, because you want to photograph a new pile later this year), please get in touch.**


Please contact author Ayumi Horie with any questions at woodstackbook[@]gmail.com. For the past ten years, she (and several other friends) have been managing a Facebook group called International Society of Woodstack Enthusiasts